Dylan Feral jumped up and down on her bed, singing loudly and air-guitaring to Baba O’Reily by the Who. At the end of the song, she jumped higher than ever, this time off her bed - she twisted in the air and landed on her knees on the floor with her arms stretched out in front of her.
“Whoo!” she yelled, jumping back onto her feet. Just as the next song started, the phone rang. Dylan ran over to the stereo and pressed pause, then ran to the phone. She grabbed it, tripped, and fell on her back just as she picked up the phone.
“Rill, hey! What’s up?” Dylan asked as she got up off the floor.
“Not too much...except...YOU’RE MISSING BAND PRACTICE!” Chelsea shouted.
“OH SHIT! I’ll be there in a minute!” Dylan threw the phone in the cradle, grabbed her guitar, and ran out the door.


Name: Marty Gateson (a.k.a Queen)

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Spirit: Unknown

Markings: Her ears are pierced once. The Chinese symbol for ‘love’ is tattooed on her left shoulder blade.

Random: Queen is a lesbian. She’s obsessed with the band Queen; hence the nickname. Drummer in Overhead.

Story: Queen’s parents are very happy together. She has a protective older brother named Ryan. The rest is the same as Dill’s and Rill’s...
For a picture of Queen, IM me at presque alle or email me at perdu_et_trouve@flowersforthedead.com.


Name: Chelsea Farari (a.k.a Rill)

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Spirit: Unknown

Markings: “Live Life To The Fullest” is tattooed on her lower back, across her tailbone. Her ears are pierced twice, with studs, and her belly button is pierced.

Random: Bass and backup vocals in Overhead. Loves Bill & Ted, and loves to surf.

Story: Rill’s parents have their problems, but they stay together. The rest is just like Dill...adventure, digital world, blah blah-blah blah...
For a picture of Rill, IM me at presque alle or email me at perdu_et_trouve@flowersforthedead.com.


Name: Dylan (a.k.a Dill)

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Spirit: Unknown

Markings: The name of her band, Overhead, is tattooed on her left shoulder. On her other shoulder are the names of her best friends and band mates: Queen and Rill. Her ears are pierced all the way up with small silver hoops.

Random: Vox and lead guitar in a band called Overhead. Loves Bill & Ted. (Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure/Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey). Also loves pickles and air guitaring to her favorite music.

Story: Dill’s parents are divorced, and she only lives with her mom because her dad is an asshole. She’s very close with her mom. She and her friends have always wanted to go on an adventure (a most EXCELLENT adventure!), and the digital world is just the kid of adventure they’re looking for...
For a picture of Dill, IM me at presque alle or email me at perdu_et_trouve@flowersforthedead.com.


Name: Ai (I or Eye) Mizomoto (Mizz-oh-moe-toe)

Gender: Female

Age: Fourteen

Spirits: Unknown

Hair: Platinum Blonde in color. In the beginning of the RP it goes down to her lower back, but soon she cuts it into a short style and wears it in small pigtails.

Eyes: One in blue and the other is purple.

Nickname: Some of her friends call her 'Fae' for fun because of her different-colored eyes.

Markings: She has both her ears pieced multiple times with silver studs. She also has a small red heart tattooed onto the tip of her left pointer finger and a tiny black star on the back of her neck.

Random: Ai sometimes sings and drums in a band called "Pretty Eyes".

Story: Ai really doesn't know why she was lured towards the Digital World, the temptation of adventure would probably be her best guess. From the moment she arrived in the Digital World, however, she's not been having any sort of adventure that she can remember…from the very first breath she took, she was being taken advantage of.
A digimon called Shalamon told her that if she really wanted to get anywhere in life she'd have to tap into the "true power" (also known as the big baddie for this "season") of course, Ai didn't know this so she accepted; in a way. She is instantly given an area to "watch over", the gang is called in to save the Digital World from peril once again and Ai is put in charge of taking them out (to be more precise, the Child of Light).


This is Ai while she's under the control of Shalamon, sure...she's in human form now...but, that's only to get close to the Digi...People...o_O

This is Ai when she's back to her good ol' Ai self...sadly, the cat (Her cat, Noodlies) does not make an appearence...I'm sorry...except...perhaps in flashbacks...which, there may be some...

99900033345 - BIO

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**Up to ten random facts about your character(s)**

**Up to SIX paragraphs about character(s), you can choose to have none but I ask you not exceed six paragraphs...**

**Pictures, Description, or both of your character(s); this will be required each time you submit a new character...or, if you have a picture of "your" character (I say your simply because I never draw my own pictures so they aren't really MINE) that you would like to share for that time. I ask that you keep this under seven paragraphs and that no image exceeds 600 KB; it'll make things smoother**

Anything else that you would like to post you may add on to the end. If you would like to suggest something onto this form that you believe EVERYONE should put on theirs, please feel free to post a comment on this entry with those things you want...and stuff. Okay, well I'm off for now...feel free to post your bio soon...As soon as I finish mine, I'm going to.

99900033345 - ADVANCEMENT?

99900033345 is just a temporary location for this roleplay, as soon as I get enough gold it will become a guild on: Gaia Online anime roleplaying community, but before that time...all RPing will take place here.

If you have a Gaia Online account, feel free to donate to the RP (just send a trade followed by a PM to "rainbow toe socks" stating that you wish to donate gold towards the the Digimon 4.5 Roleplay Guild and not my quest.) Guilds on Gaia cost 20,000 gold.

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